With the upcoming release of the new motion picture «Barbie” starring margot robbiemainly as the characteristic doll, many secrets about the filming have been known, such as the act that Margot had towards Ryan Gosling (Ken) every day of filming.

According to details revealed by Margot Robbie for the cover of the magazine’s summer issue Voguethe star gave her boyfriend in the movie (Ken) a gift during filming so he could feel very committed to his role.

The superstar explained that playing Barbie wasn’t always easy and they had a struggle for this movie to finally happen, but ultimately the two leads had found a perfect way to feel closer to the characters. for his part ryan gosling He assured that his partner left him a gift every day «she left a pink gift with a pink bow, simulating a gift from Barbie to Ken, every day while we were filming. The gifts are related to the beach, some shells or signs asking to pray for suffering, because Ken’s job is on the beach«.

In this way it was understood that Barbie was trying to help Ken to understand this role through the gifts he gave him. But not only this, Robbie also needed help to find that inner Barbie that he needed, however, Greta Gerwighelped her with this by encouraging her to listen to the podcast”This American Life«.

Although it has not been an easy path for the protagonists, the first official trailer was seen positively by the followers who have highlighted the hard work of the two, and have already stated that they are looking forward to the official publication of the live action that will be in the month of July.