Marc Anthony It has unleashed a huge wave of controversy and commotion on social networks, since a video has been shared on social networks that has gone viral in one of its last presentations, causing the concern of its fans.

And it is that many of the singer’s followers have commented on the health condition of the renowned Puerto Rican, arguing that his physique looks a bit deteriorated, showing a significant weight loss, and even more, highlighting that, during the presentation, in the video some strange gestures are appreciated by Marc Anthony.

During the video, the singer can be seen performing a song, while on a musical bridge he begins to move his jaw in a very strange way, from one side to the other.

Speculation began in social networks where they commented that it could be bruxism, which is a disorder that causes movements in the mouth unconsciously, even when awake.

Given this, the popular singer has not given any type of statement or any of his representatives.