The artist, who recently left the “School of the Modern Play”, got a role in a play based on the fairy tale by Pyotr Ershov. The production will premiere at the Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theatre.

Basharov will take the stage in the form of a king. And although the role does not involve performing in pointe shoes, the actor admitted that he was actively engaged during rehearsals, straining his “ballet muscles”. He noted that he had not even imagined before that he would get to know ballet so closely, of which he was an admirer.

“I knew that it was very hard work, but I had no idea how much,” Marat shared.

The actor said that a ballet production is a lot of work that can only be appreciated by getting there.

At the same time, despite rumors about the celebrity’s addiction to alcohol, his physical form is at the proper level, including due to regular training – the artist is professionally fond of hockey.

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