During coverage after the death of Vicente Fernandez, Mara Patricia Castañeda, had the opportunity to meet and interview Mariana gonzalez, girlfriend of her ex-husband, Vicente Fernandez Jr., and the reactions of both women were completely unexpected.

Mara, the renowned journalist She was married to Vicente Jr. for eight years, for which she maintains a close relationship with the Fernández family. The extensive coverage that the journalist carried out at the singer’s funeral that took place at the famous ranch “The 3 Foals“.

The journalist recognized Vicente Jr.’s current partner, Mariana, and approached his car to make a interview, to which the young businesswoman agreed and had a gesture towards the ex-wife of her boyfriend who caused surprise among the spectators.

Between her words before the camera, Mariana took Mara’s hand and recognized the admiration and respect she felt for her, and showed herself grateful out of affection for the Fernández dynasty, he then decided kiss the hand of the journalist.

For her part, the communicator asked her not to do so, the reaction It was a total surprise, because I did not expect to have such an encounter. Finally, he asked me to say hi to dona Cuquita, widow of the late singer.

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In other related news, Vicente Fernández, considered a music icon station wagon Mexican, died this Saturday, December 12 at the age of 81. The singer is considered one of the greatest exponents of regional Mexican music worldwide.

The interpreter of “Too bad you’re alien” Y “By your damn love”He had been admitted to a private clinic in Guadalajara since August after suffering an accidental fall on his ranch, which caused trauma to his cervical spine.

Rest in Peace Mr. Vicente Fernández.

We regret to inform you of his passing on Sunday, December 12 at 6:15 am.

It was an honor and a great pride to share a great musical career with everyone and to give everything for his audience. Thank you for continuing to applaud, thank you for continuing to sing. #ChenteSStillTheKing”, It was reported through his instagram.