The organization miss Universe is receiving numerous contract closures with various franchises from countries that previously sent applicants. The reasons would be centering on the new changes made and on the controversial victory of R’Bonney Gabriel, Miss USA, in the most recent edition of the contest.

The Miss Universe, the most important and prestigious beauty pageant in the world, is receiving several terminations of contracts with different sponsors and franchises from various countries, which refuse to align with the new regulations that Anne Jakrajutatip, the new owner of the contest, has done since she took command.

The new one Board of Directors of the Miss Universe organization is managing a new auction system for the right to have a delegate in the next edition.

This new initiative has caused several countries to abandon their franchises, since they express that they do not agree with the changes and with what has happened lately with the contest.

“The Board of Directors of miss Universe shared the information through an email in which they indicate to each national director that they have until February 10 to submit an auction proposal. The proposal must contain a budget for 2023, a marketing plan and an economic offer to keep the franchise, an open application that will be evaluated in Thailand, the current venue for the contest.

Countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, Ghana and Belize, They have already declined the proposal that Anne Jakrajutatip has made with her company JKN Global Group. Various media claim that many more countries than expected can be added to the list, since some franchises will be auctioned at very high prices.

“With the acquisition of the company by JKN Global Group, we are modernizing the franchise system and implementing new ways to add value to the business and future partnerships,” said the Miss Universe organization.

In part, it is said that several regional organizations did not agree with the recent results of the contest, where the representative of USA he took the crown despite the fact that his victory in the regional contest is being investigated for alleged fraud.

And you, what do you think of the new initiatives that the organization is carrying out? miss Universe?