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Manoilo announced an information war after the riots in Makhachkala

A real information war unfolded around the events that took place on October 29 at Makhachkala airport. Andrey Manoilo, head of the Information Wars program at Moscow State University, told about this.

“Inside Russia, its participants are various opposition groups seeking to undermine the situation in the country before the future presidential elections. But there are also external forces that do not stand aside – these are foreign intelligence services,” the specialist expressed his point of view.

According to him, Russia must confront what is happening – first of all, it is necessary to find, detain and punish everyone who is guilty of the unrest in Dagestan. At the same time, Manoilo called for making this process public and making it public. He also noted that control over the Internet agenda should be established as soon as possible – this will help turn the tide of the information war.

Earlier, the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported on the condition of police officers injured during the riots in Makhachkala. More about this read the material Public News Service.

Message Manoilo announced an information war after the riots in Makhachkala appeared first on Public news service.

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