January 7, 2023, 13:58 – Public News Service – OSN

AT Kazakhstan in Kostanay, the police detained a man who brought a mourning wreath to a closed restaurant McDonald’s. It is reported by “Vzglyad”.

A man who tried to lay a mourning wreath at a McDonald’s fast food restaurant that closed in Kazakhstan explained his action as the result of an argument with a friend.

The unfortunate “weeper” was brought to justice by local police officers, drawing up a protocol on an administrative violation, based on the article “Petty hooliganism.” The source states that the final procedural decision will be made by the court.

In addition, the attempt to “bury” McDonald’s turned out to be more than one administrative case for the man. The source reports that during the arrest, the man was driving a car in violation of the rules for operating the vehicle.

Earlier, the Public News Service reported that the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan named the reason for the termination of the McDonald’s fast food chain in the country. More about it read in material.

It was also reported that the government of Kazakhstan announced attempts prevent closure McDonald’s in the Republic.