Maluma continues to generate controversy and give a lot to talk about, on January 28 the Colombian singer turned 29 yearsbut to this day, the celebrations still continue, this time with one of his closest friends, the popular music performer pipe good.

It is no secret to anyone that Maluma has many friends, and that Pipe Bueno is one special Since they have been sharing their friendship for many years, they even came to collaborate on a song. Recently, the singer of popular music He shared photos and videos on his networks where he celebrates with Maluma sharing good times and going out for a horse ride.

And it is here where the video shows the moment where the couple of artists meet kiss of “brothers” after Pipe Bueno asks Maluma how old he was for social networks, to which Maluma replies “29 is 29” immediately afterwards he approaches the popular music singer and kisses him, although the hat that both artists wore hid the gesture, it can be assumed what happened at the moment, after this Pipe Bueno only responds with a “Ay, ay, ay, we are having a good time chimba chimba (Well)«.

Below you will find the video where you can hear the kiss that the couple of Colombian interpreters gave each other: