The Colombian Reggaeton Maluma He wanted to show his nickname to the selection of Argentina facing the final that will face France to win the Soccer World Cup Qatar 2022, but Internet users have evoked the recent words of Messi to let him know that his imitation accent has not been liked.

A Maluma He has been seen in a recording expressing in a particular way his support for Argentina, a country where the interpreter of ‘Hawaii’ it is quite popular and has a large number of fans.

However, several fans of “Daddy Juancho” They have made a video where Messi responds to his voice with an Argentine accent, going viral on social networks.

Go over there…’

“Are we ready?” Maluma asks at the outset.

“Are we ready, Argentina?” he remarked with a striking Argentine accent.

What Maluma was not expected, was that various Internet users ‘called’ to Messi to ‘respond’ to his accent.

The iconic “Anda pa’ alla bobo”, which was a trend after it Lionel Messi I said it in the game before Netherlands in the World Cup semifinal, it was the perfect complement they found to respond to Maluma.

Until now, it is said that Maluma possibly attend the final match of the Qatar World Cup, which will be the match between the albiceleste team against France.