According to her, Baskov became a hostage to his own political slovenliness.

Nikolai Baskov supports the invaders / Screenshot

Former State Duma deputy Maria Maksakova spoke about the Kremlin’s pocket artists, who literally began to go crazy after the successes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the south. In particular, she gave an assessment of the behavior of the Putinist Nikolai Baskov, who has recently become more active with his love for the “Russian world.”

AT UNIAN interview Maksakova answered, could it be that the Kremlin released these artists and Baskov himself to carry nonsense in order to distract his people from the defeats of the “second army of the world”?

“This man (Nikolai Baskov – UNIAN) was quite sparkling in the past, and one could even say that he was talented. Now he has become a hostage to his own political slovenliness. One of his frivolous oversights was the first signing of a statement in support of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine entailed everything else,” Maksakova said.

She noted that Baskov’s tears on the air of the program of the same Putinist Boris Korchevnikov were not at all because he was worried about his homeland, but because he could not come to terms with the fact that he had become an unwanted guest in Europe.

“On the air of Korchevnikov, everyone really watched these Baskov’s tears, but in fact they are completely different. Not at all about what Nikolai was straining to talk about on the air. He mourned his lost opportunities, his careless life in the past, trips to Europe for weddings to the oligarchs, big fees. He felt himself such a darling of fate. Now all this carelessness has come to an end. Of course, he would dream of being at least politically neutral today. Most likely, Basque today understands that with his mere appearance he justifies all these atrocities and shares responsibility. I understand that he has deep psychological problems, perhaps they caused a hormonal failure, “added the ex-deputy of the State Duma.

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According to her, earlier Baskov was a radiant person, but now there is no trace of this. Maria also noted the appearance of the Putinist, who recovered significantly:

“Now he just looks unhealthy. And even if we talk about the fact that such a Kobzon was sculpted from him, then Kobzon did not come out of Kolya, but he also lost Baskov in himself. I think that he understands the prospect of this all, that everything will be only get worse. Both his position and his physical well-being will repay him for his monstrous and for me even somewhat unexpected position. We discussed that he was knocked out for easy money by offering to place another post on Instagram. without checking, he did it, and then – that’s all. He is not one of those who are able to openly go against the mistakes already made. And now, after nine months, he will not be recognized. “

She also spoke about Boris Korchevnikov, who “drowns” for the occupiers. According to her, he does it only for the sake of his career.

Recall that earlier Ukrainian caught Baskova on vacation and asked him an uncomfortable question.

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