On the eve of Victory Day, activists of the Makhachkala local branch of the United Russia party took part in the Victory Strophe organized by the party – a marathon of reading poems about wartime in memory of the great feat of Soviet soldiers and heroes of the Great Patriotic War.

The participants of the action made a video with their favorite poems about the war and posted it on their social networks.

Of the most frequently chosen works were: “Forties” by the poet and screenwriter David Samoilov and “Vasily Terkin” by Alexander Tvardovsky.

During the Great Patriotic War, David Samoilov was wounded, after recovering he returned to the front, reached Berlin. The poem “Forties” was written by him on the twentieth anniversary of the start of the war. In 1942, the first chapters of Vasily Terkin were written and published. Tvardovsky worked on the poem for three years. It turned out to be so in demand that the news that work on it was completed caused a lot of letters with a request to write a continuation of the story about Vasily Terkin.

“On Victory Day, we all reread poems, repeat lines from familiar songs. Especially front-line poets. The action “Stropha of Victory” is amazing, it is correct and necessary. In addition to poems, participants record video materials in which they also talk about relatives-heroes,” said the executive secretary of the Makhachkala local branch of the Party Adelya Tatarko.