Mra Nosek is the main do-it-yourselfer in the Na mru section of Primadoma. It shows how easy it is to build more and less useful home accessories in the home.

That’s not the case. It is interesting that you can use his views on how to practice various carpentry techniques, which are a matter of course for professionals, but the amateur did not meet them.

At the feeding station you will need prisms and boards, which will connect to the so-called plates. This group of joints is intended for a connecting element in the longitudinal axis, to the corner.

Historical sources have documented more than a dozen different variants, the most common alternative, for example, for a longitudinal connection is the connection with the bridge using a beam from the connected pole. These joining methods are quite demanding on accuracy, and thus place quite high demands on the chest on the chest.

The whole principle of the feeder is that for two bowls you have to have the boards and fasten them between the vertical prisms. Then place a bowl of fodder on the ke. Also, the contents of Noskov are tailor-made for how to properly and consistently connect individual parts so that they can withstand the support of hungry dogs only households.

The nose cut off the prisms at a height of 25 centimeters, but you can adjust it to your dog’s age. The length of the connecting boards is the diameter of the bowl.

State with

You will fly a post where you will understand the result of your work and a few photographs. We will award public contributions honorably. You will find a water link for the lift HEREpm link to zasln pspvku HERE.

In this case, under the term felt board, the boards are joined into a sheet, which will also form the handle of the bowl. There will be no days for you, just handles to the middle of the board. And you will sweep the handles, sweat the cut of the saw blade so that the car is got tight and at the same time you can easily lower it and make it perfect for.

In order to facilitate the work with the leveling and drilling hole for stamping and joining individual parts, he made auxiliary preparations. It is a question of whether it is necessary for such small work.

Think of it as inspiration for your other work, where the production of a product for reward pays off. If the hunter makes an individual piece, he will probably not crush the product and take it faster and drill the individual holes piece by piece.

The rest will evaluate it for yourself, you have the whole video on video.