Major American film companies responded with a boycott to Musk’s words

Major American film companies Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, Paramount, Lionsgate are suspending advertising from the social network X. This is how they responded to the words of its owner, an entrepreneur. Elon Musk. Writes about this Hollywood Reporter.

Previously, Musk was responded to with the same boycott Apple, Walt Disney And IBM. They are temporary stopped advertise on X after Musk supported an anti-Semitic publication.

In turn, Elon Musk threatened block any user X for publicly calling for genocide of a particular ethnic group.

Previously, Musk in X approved a publication that said that Jewish communities allegedly spread hatred towards whites. He also accused the American Jewish NGO ADL, as well as other similar groups, of promoting “anti-white, anti-Asian or any other kind of racism,” calling for an end to it.

The businessman was criticized for this position. White House spokesman Andrew Bates accused him of promoting anti-Semitism.

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