Although the free area is best cut, it is also limited by something. And if, for example, you have paths or flower beds lined with curbs, they should be level so that the mower can pass over them. However, you usually can’t avoid picking, cutting or trimming overgrown grass by hand anyway.

Many garden owners will gradually try to demarcate perennial or vegetable beds with tape, whether metal or plastic, stone or old bricks, thinking that the transition between the flower bed and the lawn will be directed at least for some time.

You will find a range of lawn trimmers on the menu, some with a straight bottom edge, others rounded.

It costs a lot of financial, labor and time investment, and in the end many amateur and professional gardeners will like simple hand technique: twice a season, they will cover the transitions between the lawn. At the same time, the grass roots growing into the flowerbed are broken and a kind of ditch is created, which allows the mower to cut the grass to the edges without the plants in the flower bed coming to harm.

An ordinary pointed spade is not suitable for this, you need a special helper who is designed specifically for this purpose. In the menu you will find a whole range of them, mostly with reviews, you just have to search under the terms spade, trimmer, trimmer, leveler, or even a lawn mower. Watch the introductory video on how easy it is to work with a lawnmower.

Alternatively, get advice from your favorite specialist shop. The coolness of mowing the lawn is a bit worth the gym – once at the beginning of the season and once as needed during the season – definitely worth it.