The youngest participant is a ten-year-old Terezka from Vsetno, who demonstrates magic with cards at the table. He will be in the same category as the adult, because the juniors in this bear, l Hada.

According to him, modern magic is extremely popular. The main visual illusions that are attractive are attractive David Copperfield, he described. Few people think that the model for him was an Czech magician Karel Absolon.

In the 1960s and 1970s, he and his wife created a performance about a pirt and an arist. Copperfield is seen in Las Vegas and is highly appreciated. Sm then regretted that it motivated her to exchange new illusions, Hada said. He collaborated with Lubor Fiedler, which was an Czech legend who cast spells for Copperfield, he added.

Hada is not only the organizer of the Magic Fest, but also a professional magician and illusionist. He has been working in the field for twenty years and I know how. As technology goes ahead, so do magicians. Nothing new appears below, he noted. For example Ondej Penika invented special magic cards, performs with them, changed.

Card tricks at the table are guaranteed by the spectator, as well as standup performances. The magic with Rubik’s cube or with figures he silenced from all over the world, to Hada, only long and mental magic with peddlers. He will perform it as part of Saturday’s galaveera. With the commitment made, I know the color of the bale that will burst and the distance that will be approaching is approaching.

The bites will also be publicly performed. On Friday from 3 pm, the spells can be seen on Masaryk University, and on Sunday from 3.30 pm, the Magic Sunday event will take place in the Culture Club. Designed not only for children. Children are a specific audience. Don’t need eyesight, for the magic of this, smiles Hada, who rides around the country with a program for a small audience. A m spchy.

The child has changed a lot of details such as the disappearance of a coin, the discovery of a tissue, a lost and then a tear, a dove or a neck, changed. When you break a spell, it doesn’t work as long as the base one. After a long period of practice, the mm has been tested, he added.

Uhersk Hradit did not choose for the festival by accident, from the city of walks and the fact that he is a proud patriot.