The current queen of pop, Madonnaattended the Grammys 2023 last Sunday, February 6, where he gave a small speech about the value of the couple of artists sam smith and kim petras moments before presenting them.

Instead of focusing on her speech, the media and internet users chose to criticize and mock her appearance. The American singer, who has always been criticized for hers «advanced» age, decided to speak out about it and categorically defended himself against the hateful comments that circulated on social networks about his face.

«I have never apologized for any of the artistic choices I have made or my appearance or the way I dress and I am not going to start doing so now.“Is what Madonna said in one of her most recent posts on her Twitter account. instagramwhere he also referred to the photographers whom he called guiltysince, according to the artist, they took very close shots of her face on purpose, to point out the imperfections of her face.

Madonna also explains that one of the reasons why her face looks like that in the photographs is that the cameras, when taking such close shots, are distort the face of people a bit to how they should really be.