The Hungarian regulator ad MEKH found that in comparison with the 24 metropolises of the member states of the European Union and Belgrade, gas prices for households are the lowest in Budapest and at a rate of 2.79 eurocents per kilowatt hour. The average price in the compared metropolises is six times and reaches 12.69 eurocents, according to the MTI agency.

In comparison, electricity prices for households in the metropolises of the 27, plus London and Belgrade, came out of Budapest as the cheapest type, after the capital of Serbia. Maart consumers paid 60 percent less, not the European average.

In comparison, Prague came out sharply: Pa and Luxembourg also beat the gas prices, and Madrid and Dublin, for example, left behind electricity prices.

In Hungary, the price of electricity and natural gas paid by the consumer is fixed and determined by legislation. The people of Hungary are therefore protected from rising market prices.

The Hungarian government is now blocking a targeted EU embargo on Russian oil imports. Budapest, which has usually been more open to Russia in the past in the past, is now turning to its own energy security, which it says will not be possible without Russian oil. He argues that without the raw materials from Russia, the Hungarian economy will not work.