I’m going to be surprised for you, among others, David’s friend David, when we travel along Ricote. We have a lot of picturesque villages, naunch trails along the Segura River, water bikes and citrus orchards.

You will be accompanied by a landscape full of rocks, which will both reveal its rusty TV. To greet us, they should tangle the leaves of palm trees and at times it seems that we are not in the region of Murcia, but in Tunisia. It is also because this country has been inhabited by the Moors for centuries (Muslims of Arab and Berber descent from North Africa), they were not expelled from the Ricote mines by the seventeenth century. And in these wonderful scenarios, David takes me to Archena with its thermal springs.

It is one of the oldest in the world, their encounters go back to the fifth century BC, when the ibert settlers used water for their health. Pilgrims who traveled along the trade route to the interior of the Iberian Peninsula were used to relax. When the land was then occupied by man, they established a city and a thermal land, which they connected with the rest of Hispnia through communications.

In the Middle Ages, Archen then fell into the hands of the pit brothers of St. Jan Ktitel Jeruzalmskho, and in 1850 it was taken over by Jos de Bustos y Castilla, Viscount of Ras. The entrepreneur of Lechtice carried out an urban revolution and had the impressive hotels Len, Termas, Ermit (hermitage) built for the Rise of the Virgin Mary and the casino for the deprivation of the rich nvtvnk.

Only the Viscount had no heirs, so he sold his property in 1923 to the private company Balneario de Archena SA, which belonged to nine Marquis. The flowering of lizens, they were the most visited in Spain, but stopped the civilian wolf. The base and the armed forces’ wheels with fifty T-26B tanks and forty submachine guns were built in the buildings. An air depot, a police station and a military hospital were added to the town itself.

There is now a café in the casino, where guests can sit under palm trees.

One of the streets of the lzeskho arel in Archen

Unfortunately, Archen avoided the flows of one of the bloodiest conflicts of the twentieth century, but he suffered a long-term emergency. At that time, Nicasio Prez drove to the village. He discovered both military-camouflaged buildings painted in shades of green and ocher, as well as pouring water. He later found out that for his sick wife, the local water was better than the springs from Fortuna, where it poured. So in 1944, Lzn leased the option to buy, which he realized a year later. Archen has risen since then, as have a number of guests from Spain and around the world.

Gallery with hot water

The first thing you read in Archena’s nose is the smell of cheese, which seems to pour water. Cure at 52.5 C and then cool to 2034 C in swimming pools, baths and treatments.

Outdoor baths are accompanied by beautiful views of the surrounding countryside.

Our thermal mineral springs strengthen the immune system, move movements, defeat conditions, respiratory tract, end diseases and slow down skin stiffness. At the same time, they are charged with dispersal ions, thus relieving the body of stress and bones. That is why both sick and healthy people come to us who want to relax and recharge their batteries. Of course, most of us are from Murcia, it is only twenty-six kilometers away, the employee explains to me.

Wellness lovers can enjoy not only the classic indoor and outdoor pools, but also local specialties in the forest area with an area of ​​two hundred thousand square meters. One of them is, for example, the training of muscle tone in the pool with countercurrent or filling the surface in highly mineralized waters with a salt content of eight hundred grams per liter. The result is a bubble bath with a waterfall, where lemons float and release essential oils into the water.

The dome at the Termas Hotel is a wonderful architectural feature.

The fountain is a replica of the Patio de los Leones in the Alhambra in Granada.

The largest bag of pichz in the hotel Termas, its interiors have an Arabic style. Walking through the neo-Nazi-style corridors, I admire the windows with graceful arches, columns, geometrically decorated and colorful stained glass windows. Then I discover a large dome and one of its inner terraces, where light penetrates windows and skylights and plays with the geometry of arabesques on the walls.

Finally, I go to the basement in the thermal gallery, where the fountain stands out, a replica of the Patio de los Leones at the Alhambra in Granada. Kana is an imaginary kiosk from which a tile corridor runs, hiding rooms for balneological procedures. The whole atmosphere is very authentic and I feel like I’m spinning a few centuries back.

When he comes out of the hotel again, the island is dazzling with golden rays. The length of sunshine in Archen is around 2,769 hours a year, which means that here the sun averages seven and a half hours every day. Together with the Mediterranean climate, it creates a very pleasant location, which is one of the main attractions of the region of Murcia.

It suits me

From Murcia you can get to Archena by bus, taxi or car.

Archena is full of park and gardens. One of the most beautiful, romantic gardens of Villarias is located near Plaza 1 De Mayo. Here you will find a pond with waterfalls, eucalyptus, pines, corneas and blue-violet acarandas.

If you are traveling after a short flight, head to the Op hill (276 m), which rises above Archena. Its top decoration is from here a beautiful view of the surroundings.