For the second time, Lusya Chebotina becomes the co-host of the White Nights of St. Petersburg festival together with YurKiss. The singer spoke about her dream and changes in life.

Lucy Chebotina admitted that she dreams of seeing the White Nights “not at work” – just walking around the city, however, while St. Petersburg meets her as the host of a grandiose musical event. For three days, stars took to the stage of the White Nights of St. Petersburg festival, putting on an enchanting show for the audience. Lucy with YurKiss and Elena Sever opened the first day of the concert with the participation of tiktokers, bloggers and young show business stars.

After the concert, we talked and Lucy told about her impressions and plans to change dramatically.

Lucy Chebotina and YurKiss

– Tell us about your appearance on the stage of the festival as a host, were you worried?

– To be honest, at first I was afraid. Exactly a year ago I made my debut as a host, and then I was very lucky with the co-host. It was Yura (YurKiss – ed. note), and he insured me cool, helped and supported me. And today everything was light, with jokes, humor, and as a host I already feel confident. And it is a great honor for me to host such a large-scale grandiose festival.

— How do you like the White Nights?

– You know, my schedule is so tight that I can’t sleep at night. And now I won’t sleep either. But I always dream of spending the White Nights not at work, but walking around St. Petersburg, drinking coffee in some cool place, I want some kind of ordinary rest, like all people.

Recently, you also admitted that you don’t even have time to eat properly. And YurKiss promised to feed you meatballs, does he?

– She doesn’t feed cutlets yet (laughs). And to eat, however, I do not have time, I eat on the go.

Lucy Chebotina

– TYou decided to change something in yourself, what will it be? Short hair, tattoos?

– I’m definitely not ready for a short haircut. This is just my opinion, I don’t want to offend anyone, but I think that girls look better with long hair. As for my images, I’m experimenting, because I have a cool stylist, my friend, Lera. I am now planning to change my appearance. A little. As for tattoos, I think I’ll come to this. Despite the fact that I am their opponent, there are things that you want to stay with you for life.

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