According to the travel and tourist places that influencer Luisito visit, this time I travel to busan, in which a surprise was found BTS, now he is thinking of visiting Korea of Southsince he shared on social networks, that he wants to meet the members of BTS, leaving fans extremely shocked by this meeting.

After sharing in networks the emotion of visiting an iconic mural of Jungkook Y Jimin in Busan, Luisito undoubtedly left a clarification for ARMY, since he published on his official Instagram account, a status with which he would announce a marked trip to visit talents of the k pop, like adventure.

The influencer, expressed that he is currently in South Korea, with the willingness to meet, see and enjoy various celebrities in the field of music and entertainment.

In addition, Luisito communicated that he would really like to meet the members of BTS, since when visiting his popular mural of Jungkook and Jimin, he clarified that this type of meeting would be interesting and as the birthplace of growth of the singers, he said the following:

“These two bros are from Busan, the city where we are.”

Revealing in 2019, on his official Twitter account, his favorite artist in the K-Pop category was Jimin, as he witnessed his great talent and was expressed as follows:

“Jimin is my favorite BTS member. The way his hair moves when he dances. super cute I love him ”, she published on that occasion”.

Expressed your desire to meet members such as: BLACKPINK, TWICE, Aespa, NCT and much more.