The well-known Mexican youtuber is in the eye of the hurricane after starring in the new cover of Playboy and classifying it as a “dream” to have appeared in the popular magazine.

The Mexican influencer Luisito Comunica was questioned by users of social networks after showing the photographs with which he starred on the cover of a men’s magazine in Africa, where they pointed to him as macho and reinforcing gender stereotypes.

The negative comments began to arrive, pointing to him as a pimp. “Horrible that your dream is to appear on the cover of something so macho”, “macho photos”, “dreaming of being a pimp?”, “And are you proud? At least alone, not that they put the girl as an ornament ”,“ I find it questionable to support Playboy by appearing on its pages ”or“ what happened to your complaint for gender violence? ” were some of the responses he received.

Through his social networks, the Mexican shared part of the photo session he had for Playboy magazine, in its African edition. Accompanied by the model Jaqueline Mosa, he is seen holding a marijuana cigarette or posing in front of her while he touches her face or covers her eyes, glimpsing a relationship of certain power that reproduces macho stereotypes.

“I’ve been consuming it since I was a child and I never imagined being here. Very few men have made the cover of Playboy; Among those who stand out are Hugh Hefner, Donald Trump, Bad Bunny and now Luisillo. Above, it is the first cover in which someone leaves smoking weed. And even crazier, it’s Playboy Africa ”, commented the influencer.

He also said that his appearance was a childhood dream fulfilled, under the theme ‘what women want, advice from an expert’.

What do you think of Luisito Comunica’s statements?