As it turned out, the singer was unable to go on stage due to the aggressive behavior of one of the organizers of the event.

The performer of the hit “Sun of Monaco” did not want to publicize the incident, however, the situation got an unpleasant development – this forced Lucy to tell what actually happened at the failed performance in St. Petersburg.

“The co-founder of this institution, right before I went on stage, went to our dressing room and began to talk boorishly with me and my mother (she is also my director). He swooped in, grabbed my jeans. In our address there were insults and obscenities, almost got into a fight. Everyone stood and watched instead of taking him away, ”- the singer wrote in your microblog.

After it became clear that it was impossible to hold a concert in such a situation, the same co-founder of the institution (which Lyusya refused to publicly name in order not to advertise it) almost by force kept the artist in the dressing room, demanding “to lay out double the price in cash” from corporate fees. According to Chebotina, she and the team miraculously managed to get out, promising to return the money.

This situation affected not only Lucy’s psychological state, but also hurt her reputation, as the organizers of the failed event began to spread information about Chebotina’s alleged dishonesty. This outraged the artist much more than the unpleasant story of the concert itself:

“I didn’t want to voice this conflict until the last, because those who collaborated with me, worked, know that I always work, seven days a week, when I’m sick, after a tooth extraction, with a temperature, and “personal experiences” never in any way affect my concerts and filming. These are my personal problems and the viewer has nothing to do with it, ” Lucy confessed frankly.

The singer wrote that she no longer wants to comment on this topic and lawyers are already dealing with the situation. But to her fellow artists, she promised “in a personal” to name the institution so that they would not also become victims of inadequate organizers.