Don’t leave anything wrong! While most of her contemporaries from their parents, roommates or dormitory vegetation, Anna Kadevkov (24) shared a house. Although it is still under construction, the actress and influencer rarely boasted of the base plate and perimeter walls.

A song like the one I always cry for: Big enough to have all the people I love who I want to be at home with, she boasted Anna Kadevkovwhich took her fans on a virtual tour.

But you can’t see much except bricks and blocks, the joy of the actress is huge. No wonder the tears will never come.

It will also be perfect. Underneath it. I am a huge fortune and I know that I have the opportunity to build my new home first, added influenza, which obviously has such incomes that I can afford a fairly expensive investment with a calm conscience and sleep.

Despite the fact that he will start up everything. It doesn’t have to be that she would move to a holo-apartment. In the past, she worked with, among other things, the manufacturer of electronics, ndob and other products, so she doesn’t have to worry about where she gets it.

Anna Kadevkov is a new property owner.

Due to the number of followers on Instagram, don’t let the company wait for the cooperation. In addition, it can be assumed that their number will increase, because not only the prices of building materials have been rising for years, and these handicrafts are also quite laborious, and when this happens, they are not exactly from the cheap region.

Either he doesn’t suffer from Kadevkova, or he doesn’t have such a thing for a new nest.