January 7, 2023, 06:42 – Public News Service – OSN

Otolaryngologist, otoneurologist Olga Malchenko warned of losing her voice due to the flu. It is reported by Ura.Ru.

According to her, non-operative treatment and rapid spread can lead to this.

“Loss of voice is possible with any viral infection, including influenza,” she stressed.

“This is possible with a high activity of the virus, when it quickly spreads throughout the human body. Another option is when treatment is started late. And the virus is gradually spreading down the descending pathways down and down the respiratory tract.”

Formerly Public News Service wrotethat the Belgian National Institute of Public Health Sciensano declared an influenza epidemic in the country. It is noted that the decision was made when the incidence reached the level of coronavirus.

Meanwhile, the doctor, candidate of medical sciences Evgeny Mashkovsky informedthat flu complications can shorten life expectancy. Complications associated with the cardiovascular system are especially dangerous.