On Tuesday afternoon, Janoušek arrived at the District Court in Prague 6 with a French cane, a special head protector that doctors say he has to wear outside due to the implant in his brain, and an obvious stubble of several days. In court, he repeatedly emphasized that he has not used alcohol or other addictive substances for several years. He expressed regret for his actions. He also stated that he is very happy that the woman who was knocked down has no lasting effects. He mentioned that he behaves properly in prison and that he received a lot of praise and no disciplinary action there.

The chairman of the senate of the District Court for Prague 6, Lubomír Janoušek, pointed out that conditional release is only possible if there is a reasonable assumption that the convict will lead a decent life in freedom. According to the judge, it was not proven that the purpose of the punishment had already been achieved in Janoušek’s case. He agreed with the prosecutor, who questioned the lobbyist’s self-reflection and improvement.

Because of an accident in which a drunken Janoušek hit a woman with a car in Michla, Prague, and then fled the scene of the accident, the influential Prague businessman was originally indicted for attempted murder. However, the courts found him guilty of bodily harm and driving under the influence of an addictive substance. Janoušek applied for conditional release from prison this July, when half of his sentence had expired.

He joined the prison in November 2014, but since March 2016 he has been free for health reasons and returned to prison only last July. Janoušek returned to serving his sentence last July after the police searched for him.

The Regional Court in Brno then issued an order for his delivery to serve his sentence. The Prague police subsequently announced a nationwide search for him, but Janoušek disappeared from the wanted database after he turned himself in to the Pankrác prison to serve his sentence.

Janoušek repeatedly interrupted the execution of his sentence for health reasons. The medical report stated that Janoušek suffers from an incurable disease and has to lean on a French cane when walking. According to the doctors, he underwent brain surgery, after which he has an implant in his head, which can be released by movement and thus kill Janousek.

However, during the suspension of his sentence, Janoušek was caught several times at the swimming pool, on his bike or in the gallery. Server List of Messages he even published photos from the turn of 2019 and 2020, in which Janoušek moves without a stick on the snowy slopes of the Austrian Alps. In the past, Janoušek had twice asked the Prague Municipal Court to pardon the rest of his sentence, but the latter did not agree to it even once.

The lobbyist was also indicted along with four other people in the health insurance reimbursement case for Chambon. According to the public prosecutor, the five allegedly fraudulently extorted more than 239 million crowns from health insurance companies and tried to get another 77 million crowns. The Prague Municipal Court acquitted him without jurisdiction in March, but the public prosecutor appealed. He proposed a seven- to eight-year prison sentence for him.