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High School Football: Geraldine vs Coosa Christian Live
Date: Saturday, August 18, 2022
Live: Watch Geraldine vs Coosa Christian Live

The Geraldine Bulldogs are hoping that taking advantage of a spring football season will give them an advantage in more ways than one as they transition to a new Region in 3A, which many considered the most difficult in the state when it was announced last winter.

When spring came and head coach Michael Davis, then in his first season, was the only coach on staff, the Bulldogs decided not to participate in a spring season the previous year. Davis and the Bulldogs have gotten down to business this spring with the return of the full coaching staff.

In Davis’ opinion, having a stable coaching staff has helped the team transition from Year 1 to Year 2 more smoothly, especially now that players take charge of the group and hold each other accountable during practices and workouts.

It’s been a lot simpler, and now we can focus, but students are more aware of what’s required right now than they were last year, according to Davis. We had to cancel last year’s spring because I was the only coach on staff at the moment, but this year we were able to take the opportunity and have a full spring. Our team members are on board and know the standards.

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