January 7, 2023, 17:58 – Public News Service – OSN

The rector of the church of St. Theodore the Studite at the Nikitsky Gate, Archpriest Dimitry Lin, said that he had left for USA Ilya Prusikin, lead singer of the popular band Little Big, should apologize for publishing a video where he rides a skateboard in the shape of a cross. The clergyman announced this in a conversation with the publication “360”.

The rector of the temple believes that if Pruskin is baptized, he should repent of his act. If the singer is not baptized, he should at least apologize to believers. Lin recalled that Russia there is special legislation designed to protect the feelings of believers from insults.

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The clergyman believes that the act committed by Prusikin can be interpreted as blasphemous and unacceptable. The cross is the central symbol of the Christian religion, and its trampling is strictly prohibited. According to the clergyman, the leader of Little Big might not even understand how offensive such actions are.

Earlier, the Public News Service already reported on the reaction to the new video of Ilya Prusikin. Then it became known that many Internet users criticized the act of the musician who left Russia. In particular, they noted that the singer uses a Catholic cross for filming, while many citizens of the United States profess Catholicism. Details read in material Public news service.