After the explosion in the family house in Lipnek nad Bevou, it started to burn in the ground floor. The fire has been eliminated.
| photo: Hasii Olomouckho kraje

The entrance to Seminrka Street in Lipnek nad Bevou. We confirm that there was an explosion in the city, the information was provided by colleagues in the city, said the regional police spokeswoman of the Olomouc region, Marie afov.

Professional and volunteer firefighters set out to dispose of the fire. We have three units in the city, said Lucie Balov, a spokeswoman for the Olomouc region.

Interference in dchac technology. Now let’s find the hidden foci and catch up with them. Circumstances and pins in the city are ascertained by the investigator in cooperation with the police, she added.

The pores were probably the result of an explosion and hit the ground floor of the house, which Balov said, saying that after the fire broke out, the house was ventilated by ventilation.