Limes, winding willows and ornamental shrubs were planted in Ryazan

Landscaping work continues in Ryazan to coincide with the celebration of Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War. This is reported by the website of the city administration.

So, on May 13, winding willows and 40 seedlings of ornamental shrubs were planted on Kasimovskoye Highway – white and viburnum-leaved vesicle. In addition, lime trees were planted on Victory Boulevard.

The seedlings were purchased by the participants of the action. Seating places and watering were provided by employees of the Improvement Directorate.

Landscaping of urban areas will continue next week. Shrubs are planned to be planted in the park near the monument to Poletaev, flowers near the monument to Chumakova, larches in the park near school No. 75, and flowers in the flowerbed on Pobedy Boulevard.