One of Alla Pugacheva’s cars – a light gray jeep – was put on the wanted list, as Komsomolskaya Pravda managed to find out.

“The wanted list is announced when the traffic police receives a statement from the owner about the theft. After that, a criminal case is initiated about the theft, an interception plan is announced. The car is on the wanted list until it is found or until the owner withdraws the application. Another reason for removing the car from the wanted list is the expiration of the statute of limitations, ” quotes “KP” lawyer Andrey Aleshkin. He clarified that owners usually insure expensive cars, after which they receive a payment and the return of the car ceases to be their concern.

Pugacheva herself and her family have been away since the end of February: first they were in Israel, now in Latvia, where they spend their holidays every year. Back in May, she answered the question of her return to reporters: “But how! The holidays are ending. On September 1, children must go to school. Now they are learning online. So far, nothing is known about the return of Maxim Galkin, it is only clear that it may not be safe for him after numerous political statements. There is information that he is scheduled to tour in Australia in September.

Photo: Vladimir Starkov/TASS