The renowned actor Liam Hemsworth You could end up suing your ex. Miley Cyrusfor alleged defamation of his good name.

One of the most famous ex-couples of hollywoodthey met during the recording set of «The last song“, where both were protagonists of the iconic film, and which allowed the beginning of a quite romantic and media relationship between celebrities.

In the year 2012 the bride and groom announced their engagement and for the year 2018 they joined in a marriage, which months later came to an end. Apparently due to an infidelity that the famous man committed towards the singer, with another woman who has suffered from criticism.

This breakup and infidelity was the inspiration for Miley to capture the story in her recent single “Flowers“, which was released on January 13, a date that happened to coincide with Liam Hemsworth’s birthday, something very similar to the songs that Shakira had released with her controversy over her relationship with Gerard Piqué.

Now a few months after having released the song that opened the rumor of infidelity, and that caused a serious commotion on different platforms, the famous would have sued the successful artist for the defamation of his good name, which caused him instability in his multi-film contract.

According to US media, the actor created a document where he will take charge of a legal claim against Cyrus, for the damages he suffered in the false mention of his good name.