Delano Spencer (left) of St. John Jerrick Harding of Nymburk.
| photo: David vb / ERA Basketball Nymburk

We have our heads down a bit from what Nymburk did to them, but under that we must assume that we are among the best darkness in the league. Maybe it will be sold out and let’s try to catch them, they are also just people, says general manager Tom Hrub.

The favorite at home with Sluneta sailed 93:70 and 100: 72, on Sunday and Monday, Sri Lanka moves to the western town on the Elbe. Start at 6 p.m. We would love to win for our fans. We are also a realist, Nymburk is not the rest of the league, Hrub wants. Sloil made it to the Champions League in Hardel, the boy is out of the realm of Czech basketball.

Kou Jan otnar wants to brake the brakes outside. We have to look for the main defensive rebound, he appeals to the darkness. The semi-final at home is a historic moment for steck basketball. Ladislav Pecka: We want to do it and let’s know what: we have full defense, tough rebound fights and a very effective offensive.

No one knows that he would proceed. Nymburk’s slaughter is extreme, so we got two shoes. On his board, all X years lose. And when Opava defeated them in the final of the Neutral Cup, the leadership and the Nymburk friction probably knelt on the game and a week later they gave it by 40, remembering Hrub. wait for us to go back with Nymburk and put in bronze, let’s try to get the most out of being in the top 4.