Letitia Wright questions the future of Black Panther Will it be cancelled?

Letitia Wright is one of the most recognized actresses of this generation for being part of one of the most surprising character arcs in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the actress who represents Shuri, has been one of the protagonists of all the Black Panther movies.

Letitia Wright won a place and a name in all these films with her brilliant performance, to such an extent that in 2022 she was chosen to represent the character, Black Panther, in the film Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, so her old role de Shuri could become one of the new Avengers in the future.

Currently, there is some curiosity among Marvel fans who do not know about the future of Letitia Wright in this franchise, nor how the next film will be carried out. In the middle of an interview with, the young actress spoke about this film casting doubt on her future, and suggesting that it was going to be canceled.

The young actress was asked if she would know when and where Shuri would return to the big screen, to which she replied that she has no idea what will happen to her character since Marvel Studio has not yet confirmed a third Black Panther movie.

The actress also told Variety magazine: ” It’s been a fantastic two years putting out Black Panther Wakanda Forever in honor of Chadwick and I’m grateful that everyone came together to support this project, I think right now we need a little break and then regroup, which that it will take a while ”.

Without a doubt, Letitia Wright was one of the actresses who attracted the most attention since her appearance in this film, which is why fans are worried about not possibly seeing her again in the new projects that are coming, since it gives them a little It is intriguing that the actress so far does not know anything about a third of her character.

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