Head of the Main Military Medical Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation Dmitry Trishkin assured that 97% of the fighters return to the front after treatment in hospitals.

Trishkin spoke about the extremely low mortality among the wounded in a special operation in Ukraine. He noted that less than half a percent of military personnel delivered to hospitals die.

Among the cured fighters, not everyone is able to return to the combat zone due to severe wounds, however, according to Trishkin, 97% of the soldiers of the RF Armed Forces return to the front.

He recalled that during the Great Patriotic War, only 70% of the wounded returned to the battlefields.

Journalist Anastasia Kashevarova explained the difference between the dead and the missing in a special operation in Ukraine.

Author Elena Bylkina

Elena Bylkina – journalist, correspondent for the news service Pravda.Ru

Curator Alexander Artamonov

Alexander Artamonov – military observer, editor of the French version, host of reviews “Control shot” – on the channel of the Pravda.Ru media holding