“Leoš and I will make a mass football balloon. I have a kilo of minced meat, a mixture of beef and pork, two onions in fines, 150 grams of cheddar in cubes, I pour 2 buns with dark beer, I add three eggs and garlic, “ he has begun Jiří Babica the edge of his recipe, from which football fans were paf at the time.

“I’ll add fresh coriander, salt and pepper, add bread in beer, potato starch, it will keep the balloon for me, I’ll add crushed nachos,” he continued with the assistance of the surprised Leoš Noha, who had to have a beer immediately to breathe it out.

Jiří Babica and his minced meat soccer ball. It also includes beer.

Then he slid his edible balloon into a pot of boiling salted water and cooked on medium heat for 20 minutes. He then transferred the meat colossus to a baking dish and placed it in a 200-degree oven for 30 minutes. And there was a beer.

The best came when, with Noah’s help, Babica began preparing a pitch of bread, which he anointed with butter and sprinkled with spring onions like a lawn.

Jiří Babica and his minced meat soccer ball. There was also a playground with an onion lawn. He made goals from eidam.

“There will be gates, we’ll make you out of Eidam,” shocked by a well-known TV chef who can conjure almost anything out of his favorite cheese.

He then placed his giant alias soccer ball on the breadbed and stabbed the Czech flag with a feeling of a job well done and the pride of the greatest patriot.

No wonder the hockey fans now appreciated if he built something similar for them. Such a giant puck made of pickled fish and an ice surface made of aspic, that would be food. Especially when this year it’s played in Finland, where there is no shortage of seafood …