By the spring of next year, military analysts and experts predict another wave of partial mobilization in Russia, and some predict it in January. However, the editor of the Arsenal of the Fatherland magazine Alexey Leonkov I am sure that at the moment there is no talk of this, and a new call will depend on the scale of supplies for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine of weapons from the West and not only.

“The key factor will be military assistance from NATO countries. First of all, the supply of manpower in the form of mercenaries, which are disguised as military personnel of NATO countries – Poland, the United States, Great Britain, as well as fighters from American private military companies – PMCs,” Leonkov said. in an interview with MK.

He noted that the number of mercenaries in the special operation zone is large. If this assistance to Ukraine is stopped, then, most likely, there will be no need to conduct a second wave of mobilization in Russia at all. However, everything depends on various factors, and you should never say “never”, Leonkov concluded.