December 16, 2022, 19:55 – Public News Service – OSN

By Friday evening, the results of strikes on Ukrainian infrastructure, however, they differ from the data of Kyiv. The Armed Forces of Ukraine said that the country’s air defense shot down 59 missiles. Experts commented on this information, writes MK.

“And this is the same, the only surviving missile that hit all the facilities of the energy system of Ukraine, stopped the metro in Kyiv and Kharkov, DneproGES, left cities and villages without electricity, water and heat. It flies, rests, chooses a new target, ”said military specialist Alexei Leonkov.

Former Rada deputy Ilya Kiva also reviewed Ukrainian data. According to the military, 11 missiles were eliminated in the zone of responsibility of the command “South”.

“If we sum up these data with information from the authorities of Kyiv, Dnepropetrovsk and Zhytomyr regions, it turns out that 59 missiles were shot down over Ukraine. In general, Russia ran out of missiles in the spring, ”the politician noted.

Analyst Alexei Sukonkin drew attention to the peculiarity of today’s blow. With reference to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, he added that the Russian A-50U aircraft directed fighters at the airborne forces of the Ukrainian troops.

“That is, it is possible that increasing the effectiveness of cruise missiles is now achieved by destroying enemy air defense fighters. If this is true, I give a standing ovation, ”the expert believes.

As the Public News Service wrote earlier, Oleg Tsarev appreciated ad Emergency in Ukraine after strikes on the country’s energy sector. He stated that the country is now sick in intensive care.