In the movie, also starring Jennifer Lawrence, DiCaprio plays an astronaut struggling to warn world leaders about an impending comet that will destroy the planet.

The prestigious medium The Guardian asked the director Adam McKay on the role of Streep in the movie, specifically about including a scene where his character is naked (but played by a body double).

“She’s reckless,” McKay commented. “And yes, that’s a body double. But do you know who had a problem with that? Leo [DiCaprio]. Leo just go to Meryl as movie royalty … although maybe ‘royalty’ is not a compliment … but as a very special figure in movie history.

“He didn’t like seeing her with the tattoo on her lower back, walking around naked for a second. He said something like ‘do you really need to show that?’ And I said ‘it’s President Orlean; It is not Meryl Streep. But she didn’t even blink. He didn’t even mention it “

Don’t Look Up has received mixed reviews from critics. In a four-star article for The Independent, Clarisse Loughrey describes the film as a “funny and forceful satire.”

The film is already in theaters and will premiere on Netflix on December 24.

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