How are the immediate feelings after the loss and loss of the bar?
We are disappointed. We had a good start in kind, we gave gl. But I still can’t explain that we get a leveling gl and thus the defense will fall apart. We always got you gly in small. I don’t understand where we went. We have lost our responsibility and discipline. That’s what happened to us today. Then there was the bait, we regrouped it and tried to do something about it. We did not change our ance. It was tk dohnt.

Do you take it that you lost back due to nervous performance in the first half?
I don’t think so. It was zero zero. It is necessary for you to realize which of our games has ever undergone such a strain. Vlaim and Opava are against each other and we also have two cities in the bar. I saw the gossip as they were bound by nervousness and tried to calm them down. I told them that it was just football, that nothing was happening, that we were going through the season. Unfortunately, it was the same.

Did you roar or clean up about poloas?
We repeated that nothing happens, that in Vlaim it is 2: 0 for the house and so it is for us in the playroom. Bohuel then drank the crucial five minutes, when we collected twice.

Do you explain it somehow?
I don’t know if you can call it a short circuit. The boys saw it in such a way that they would lose something. But they had thirty minutes to do anything with the dark and instead we collected two goals. Then it turned out.

The pressure of the hrt bar you rolled in front of you all spring and avoided it. Did he turn out even harder in the last rounds?
Probably yes. In anti-Spart I saw ustraen performances, bound by darkness, what is going on. We didn’t push them, we tried to relieve them of the fact that the season was so good.

Is the absence of bare cocoa for this season?
Tko ct, if cocoa. Of course we wanted to win, try the bar and it didn’t work out. When such a change in the seasons of frost.

Do you have any idea how the darkness will meet after a short break?
All nai games are really nai and under contracts. We didn’t do much, we didn’t know when the season ended. We will now sit in peace, find out where we have a shoe for which we would need reinforcements, and on the contrary, we invite the possibility of hosts and a variety of games, which did not add much. But it will be a matter of days.

Has the last time in your eyes been a certain place of his, and did he deserve it?
It is early to go to these courts. You are honored that our villains Machalk and Sta, boys who played in the spring for a very long time, were injured. You won’t be able to work a new game so quickly, even though we tried Ulbrich there and today, for example, he gave a very good performance. But we had to change something under. Two years ago, when we were building dark, we were on the same page. I have a feeling that we are still in the process of building and now it will be time to evaluate what has been built.

Don’t know who to leave?
Spe it comes from us, I do not know that someone would darken the darkness. The first thing to know is the game.