The popular awards of the Golden Disc Awards without a doubt became the first event of KPOP this 2023, the delivery was attended by acts such as J-Hope from btsTREASURE, IVE, PSY, ENHYPEN and other groups that had incredible relevance during 2022.

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Among them is stray Kidsthe boys gave a spectacular performance and received acclaim due to the quality and talent with which they performed on stage, of course they all stood out, but Lee Know managed to go viral in the United States.

This thanks to the fact that the 24-year-old boy presented himself with a charming look, without a doubt he managed to impact the STAY fandom in the United States, which is why the name «READ KNOW»was marked as a trend in the North American country after the performance of the group.

In addition, the name went viral more because thanks to the strong dance of the group, and noting that the idol has very strong pectorals, a wardrobe malfunction was unleashed where the zipper of his suit came down with each step he took , creating commotion in STAY from United States.