It seems that the actor Lee Jung Jae is in talks to join the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). On July 21, it was reported that Lee Jung Jae received a serious offer for a role in the MCU. With few details shared at this time, the actor is believed to have started talks with Marvel Studios.

As rumors continue to spread, Marvel fans have begun to speculate on the paper Lee Jung Jae’s potential. According to fans, the character is “Mister Negative“, a villain of the series”spider-man“.

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“Mister Negative” was originally a Chinese gangster and human trafficker, who became the leader of the gang”Inner Demons” in an effort to take over the New York underworld.

He fought not only against Spider-Man but also against Shang Chi, which adds more chances for Lee Jung Jae to play this character. If the main actor of “Squid Game” confirms his role, will join claudia kim, Park Seo Jun Y Ma Dong Seok as members of the Korean cast in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.