For a new interview with Ilgan Sports, actor Lee Jung Jae talked about his friendship with the idol. kim taehyung. The protagonist of the hit Netflix series “Squid Game” moved netizens by speaking for the first time about his friendship with the BTS member.

“When I went to a private meeting, I got it by chance. He is very friendly. We even exchanged our numbers. He is not only attractive in appearance, his personality is also really attractive. I think there is a reason why he is loved by so many people around the world.”

Those were the exact words of Lee Jung Jae, who first met V in 2021, when Squid Game was at its peak of popularity worldwide. Their meeting caused such a stir wue armyname of the fandom of btsthought that Kim Taehyung would have a role in the second season of the Netflix series.

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This is how in his interview with Ilgan Sports, lee jung jae confessed the great love and closeness he feels for V, implicitly, the man confessed that Taehyung is handsome on the outside and inside, making it clear that he knows him very well. Without a doubt, V does know how to win the love of artists worldwide.