Vladimir Putin stressed that ending the traditional policy of military neutrality would be a mistake, because there is no threat to Finland’s security, the Kremlin said, according to AFP. Finland and thus began to consider joining NATO in connection with the Russian aggression in Ukraine.

Speaking this week, Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that the eventual entry of Finland into the North Atlantic Alliance would definitely pose a threat to Russia.

Finland should announce its goal for NATO membership on Saturday. President and Prime Minister Sanna Marinov spoke on Thursday for an urgent push to join the alliance. Moscow has said that Finland’s accession to NATO would pose a threat to Russia and to which it will respond. But she didn’t specify how.

Finland must immediately apply for NATO membership, the president and prime minister said in a joint statement. We hope that the steps that are needed to take this in the country will be taken quickly within a few days, they said, adding that membership in the North Atlantic Alliance has sent security to the country.

According to them, Finnish membership has sent the entire alliance. Dnsko srden pivt Finland v NATO. This was sent by NATO and our joint security, the consent of the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, Mette Frederiksen.

If it turns out, the country, with a population of less than six million, has painted the European safety map in a way that was two inconceivable and has huge consequences for Russia, on CNN. Moscow has really warned of military and political consequences.

Moscow answers with nuclear weapons?

According to Russian Foreign Minister Alexander Gruk, Moscow is taking appropriate precautionary measures if NATO deploys nuclear weapons and infrastructure over Russia’s borders.

It will be necessary to respond to the precautionary measures taken to ensure the feasibility of the removals, the Interfax agency said. Gruko also said that Moscow did not have an upheaval death in Finland and Hungary and did not see any real reasons why the two Nordic countries should join NATO.

Sweden and Finland have joined the ranks of joining NATO due to the Russian aggression in Ukraine. Fint’s top official confirmed on Thursday that he supports the country’s entry into the North Atlantic Alliance. Russia has warned that if Finland and Hungary join the alliance, it will increase its military presence in the Baltic enclave of Kaliningrad and deploy hypersonic and nuclear weapons there.

On Saturday, Gruko reiterated the Kremlin’s two remarks that Moscow’s response to the eventual birth of NATO will depend on how close the alliance moves its military resources to Russia and what infrastructure to place there.