From queens to princesses, they have passed through uncomfortable mishaps, from tripping over stairs, to tangled dresses, here we tell you about some of the funny unforeseen events that have happened to the british monarchywhich will surely make you smile.

The royalty It has not been exempt from the small accidents that tend to happen to all people and more when it comes to a event of great importance. Surely some of you have also experienced… tripping on the stairs, or getting stuck in the grass for choosing the wrong type of heel.

He shameful moment when Meghan Markle she put on a beautiful red dress, but forgot to remove the purchase tag and was exposed to hundreds of people.

Nor has the most regal member of royalty been able to be saved, Kate Middleton It has also been embarrassing in front of those present, for example the time one of her heels got stuck in a drain grate on the day of St. Patrick.

Unlike us, embarrassing moments that happen to royals are caught on media cameras and are shared with millions of followers around the world. Not even queen camilla He has been able to get rid of these events, starring in the most recent of them.

On May 6, Queen Camilla was embarrassed because of her dress that apparently got tangled up outside the westminster abbeycould even be seen as his sister Annabel ElliottHe spent a long time trying to untangle it.

the deceased Princess Diana was also embarrassed by the unexpected stumble that he had during his visit to Pakistan in 1991, where he slipped going up the stairs to his plane, luckily he managed to hold on to the handrails and stabilize himself, but he felt embarrassed, he felt it.