The two artists of kpop, yunjin belonging to the group LE SSERAFIM Y yeonjun of the group txtthey would be having secret dates to avoid being discovered, but it seems to be too late, a clue reveals their relationship.

The two artists who participated in an episode on the program «The Game Caterers»They got to know each other quite a bit, and it is stated that from there the rumors of their love affair began due to their desire for constant closeness.

This time it would be a follower of the two artists who discovered the greatest proof that the two idols of the Kpop, they are secretly having their relationship.

a fan of kpop apparently found what would be the main account of Spotify of yunjinwhich includes your account name «hun yunjin«, some songs from LE SSERAFIMand that the sister is following.

And although it would be considered normal an account of Spotifythe curious thing is that the profile photo of the account is an animated portrait of two dolls, which are drawn with an artistic style similar to that of the singer.

The drawing contains details that are identical to the original style of the artists in real life, yeonjun drawn exactly the same as how the rapper looked with his blue hair, his very similar suit and some piercings, and yunjin the same way with a photo of herself and her gold earrings.

Although it seems strong proof to define that artists are in love, there are those who still do not believe it.

And the opinions are divided on whether the relationship would be a reality or not, on the one hand there are the fans who assure that the drawing was made by the singer and is similar to the two. But on the other hand, there are the fans who don’t believe so much in this version, and are waiting for an official announcement from those involved.