Singer SakuraMember of LE SSERAFIMwould be currently suffering from a serious illness, which has forced him to stop his presentations and obligations with music.

The singer in recent years has stood out for her talent and originality in singing, so the news undoubtedly saddens her fans.

The also dancer apparently has not had an easy few days regarding the disease that is attacking her at the moment, since her desire is to continue participating in music, as she has been doing since 2022 with her current group LE SSERAFIM.

In a statement from Source Music, the January 14the company in charge of the artist revealed that Sakura is not having a good time due to the disease that affects her.

The agency in its statement stated that the singer had had a cold in recent days, so it was advised to perform a test Covid 19which unfortunately has tested positive.

It was also confirmed that the rest of the members of LE SSERAFIM They are out of danger, without any symptoms yet, but in the same way in a small quarantine. Her followers hope that the singer can successfully overcome this stage to see her again on stage very soon.