LE SSERAFIM was definitely one of the most anticipated debut groups this year, mainly because they are the first girl group from HYBE x Source Music.

In an interview with the magazine weverse, Kazuha one of the members revealed that she auditioned with one of the most iconic songs in K-Pop, “dynamite” from bts. The idol already had a solid foundation, she was a professional ballet dancer and trained in the Netherlands in 2020 and 2021.

At the height of the pandemic, she decided she didn’t want her life to revolve around ballet. She decided to become a K-Pop idol who could express herself in different performances. when she Auditions for Source Music were made online, he took the opportunity to submit his video.

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I featured a dance version of BTS’s ‘Dynamite’ and a video of me performing ballet. There’s a dance break in ‘Dynamite’ that’s so cool I wanted to try doing it. (laughs)Kazuha reveals.

I was really impressed to see BTS perform while preparing for the audition. Although they all do the same choreography, each member has their own style of choreography, which I think makes it cooler.“, he adds.

Finally, he expressed his admiration for Jimin and her dancing skills. Seeing him combine classical dance with choreography of K-Pop intensified his interest in acting.

I thought Jimin’s dance was particularly beautiful when I saw it. I was impressed to see someone balance classical dance with K-pop choreography so well, which really interested me.Kazuha said about Jimin.