Lawyer Alexey Ispolinov explained why the recognition by the European Parliament of Russia as a sponsor of terrorism would not entail any consequences.

The majority of deputies of the European Parliament voted for a resolution according to which Russia is declared a state sponsor of terrorism.

Alexei Ispolinov, Doctor of Law, specialist in international law, noted that this decision would not affect Russia in any way, since the European Parliament is not the main legislative body.

Previously Ksenia Sobchak explained that severe consequences may come for Russia if the United States recognizes the Russian Federation as a sponsor of terrorism.

“Each state has its own consequences behind the sponsorship of terrorism. For example, in the United States, these may be consequences that imply the termination of diplomatic relations and the prohibition of negotiations. This is a resolution, not a recognition,” Radio 1 quotes the words of a lawyer.

He explained that in order to recognize the Russian Federation as a country sponsoring terrorism a decision not by the European Parliament is requiredand other institutions.

“It is clear that the European Parliament is thinking in the direction of how to pinch even more painfully, but there will be no consequences,” the expert in international law believes.