Lavrov pointed to Ukraine’s recognition of involvement in the crash of Il-76

Foreign Secretary Russia Sergey Lavrov said that Ukraine Immediately after the crash of the Il-76 plane, it declared its “another victory.” This is reported by TASS.

Thus, Kyiv admitted his involvement in the disaster, the minister believes. “But as soon as it became known that this was a flight transporting prisoners of war for exchange, Ukrainian propaganda immediately began to sweep bravura messages about its “victories” under the rug and tried to come up with some other explanations,” the head of the Foreign Ministry noted.

According to Lavrov, Kyiv could not have been unaware of the preparations for the exchange of prisoners of war. He also emphasized that currently Moscow the facts of the plane crash and the reasons why Kyiv committed “this criminal act” are established.

Il-76 crashed in Belgorod region on Wednesday, January 24th. On board there were 65 captured Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers, as well as three accompanying persons. According to the deputy State Duma Andrey KartapolovUkraine shot down an Il-76 with three Patriot or IRIS-T surface-to-air missiles.

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