Lavrov pointed to the low level of relations between Russia and the United States

Relationship level U.S.A And Russia low, there are practically no contacts between countries. The head spoke about this Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov at a press conference following participation in events UN Security Councilwrites RIA News.

“The level is low, the point is low, there are practically no contacts except for discussing the conditions for the functioning of our diplomatic missions in the United States and the work of their diplomats in the Russian Federation,” he noted.

As Lavrov explained, even when discussing the work of the diplomatic missions of the two countries, the States are trying to obtain unilateral benefits. He emphasized that Washington is making attempts to “accuse us of some steps.”

Previously, the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry statedWhat Moscow has not spoiled relations with Washington and will not run “to Uncle Sam to ask for forgiveness.”

According to him, those who invented the Russian threat, and also decided that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin “a good guy” and they will keep him “in their pocket”, they miscalculated.

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